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We know that no amount of reassurance can ever be enough for your body, weight, or height. This is why we brought you a solution enabling you to see yourself and judge your looks without overthinking or self-doubting. Whether you are a man or a woman, our tool can help you set personal goals, compare progress, and help you understand your fitness journey.

Through the power of visualization, our interactive 3D human modeling simulator allows you to create personalized virtual representations of yourself. You can fine-tune your height, weight, gender, and shape; your on-screen figure will update to represent the details you’ve entered.

Our website is the perfect tool for those looking to gain or lose weight. You can see how you appear in real life or experiment with different visual features, such as muscle definition or fat. Don’t want to become too muscular? See what you would look like after gaining more muscles. Don’t want to become too fat? Well, you can check that out too! Everything is baked right into our user-friendly interface.

How To Use 3D Visualizer

In our tool’s user-friendly interface, you will see different factors and measurements that you can modify about your 3D character. Above the character, you’ll see two options. The first one lets you modify the gender between Male, Female, and Trained Male. The second option lets you change the measuring units between CM/KG and In/LBS.

You can find the most important buttons at the bottom of the screen, where you will see sliders to input your weight and height. The sliders are handy because they allow you to gradually update both factors and see how your appearance is affected by the slow change. It is important to note that we have designed these factors to change with each other by default, as they do in real life. However, you can change this by fixing one of the factors in place.

Pressing the “Fixed” button on the right on either height or weight allows you to freeze it while you freely change the other. Now, changing one factor won’t affect the other.

How Accurate Is the Body Visualizer?

We aim to create the most accurate visualizer on the internet, enabling our users to see only the most accurate image of themselves. We have designed our 3D Visualization tool to give approximate visualization based on average body parameters.

How We Plan To Improve

We are always trying and planning to improve our Visualizer by adding more features. So far, we have successfully added some of our planned features, while others are still in the works, including leg length, hip length, chest length, waist length, breast size, and muscularity. The addition of more factors allows you to get a better representation of your body.

So, try out our 3D Body Visualizer and let us know if you found it useful!

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19 thoughts on “3D Body Visualizer”

  1. I love this new site. I like the way you show animated images instead of just static images. I assume this is a work in progress, so I have a few suggestions. I’d like to see in addition to the basic height and weight entries options for basic measurements such as chest (bust), waist and hips. Also, I’d like to see an option for including in the same image multiple subjects (for example, male and female together or up to five subjects in the same image.

  2. I agree with the previous comments; there needs to be measurements for various parts of the body.
    On top of that, I’d like to see more definition in the human anatomy. For example, if you were to scale down the weight to lower levels, you would see the ribs and hip bones become more visible. Or perhaps you could add a scale to increase muscle tone, as two people with a similar body mass would look fairly different from each other if one worked out regularly and one didn’t.
    Overall, I enjoy what you’re build here, but I feel like you could add a bit more realism and variation to the final product

  3. It would be good to put in some variables for skeletal structure, particularly thngs like leg length – the model looks nothing like me, if my legs were proportioned similarly I’d be 25-30 cm taller! As for shoulders/ribcage – some of us are almost as wide as we’re tall!

  4. I know its bot going to be accurate, but i dont use this for my own body. I make characters and i wanna know how they’d look, and it’s been good for me so far.

  5. Great idea but what is wrong with your models anatomy, at least stop it looking like it is drunk and please try for a regular upright pose rather than hips thrust forward and shoulders so far back it looks painful.

  6. Sorry, but in the current version the visualizer is useless. You should add at least the circumference of chest, legs, waist, arms.

  7. I think it would be nice if they added a “trained female” model, as someone who lifts, I think it would be nice to add that.


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